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Muscle Car Museum all Around the World

August 29, 2015 | muscle car

Speaking of museum, most people will associate it with old and unattractive stuff. But that is not the kind of thing that people have in mind when they come to see the collection of different type of muscle car in a muscle car museum. Muscle car, being the type of high performance car that usually has the V8 engine, is very popular in the 1960s. These type of car firstly introduced in America and it start to develop in other country such as Australia and UK.

Since the gas price increasing not to mention the maintenance cost that also keeps rising, the popularity of muscle car has been down, and although there is some attempt to revive its popularity, it never made it to the top. But no matter what, there are still many car lovers who love to see muscle car in flesh and that are when the museum comes.

Muscle Car Museum in the USA

Since muscle car was firstly introduced in America, then there is no wonder that this country has a lot place that showcase muscle car. One of the most popular muscle car museum in America is the Muscle Car City that located in Punta Gorda, Florida. This museum displayed more than 200 vintage muscle car ranges from 1950s to 1970s. This museum is very popular not only because of its wide collection of muscle car but also because in the same museum, people can find all sort of thing that has anything to do with car. It has car cruises area, muscle car shop, car corral, memorabilia and gift store, and even dinner place.

Muscle Car Museum Muscle Car Museum Muscle Car Museum

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Another museum that is also pretty popular is the one that belong to Floyd Garret. This museum has less collection of muscle car, only around 90 cars in number but they all boast the same powerful muscle car from the 50s, 60s and 70s. That is not all, because this museum also has other thing to offer such as museum treasures and gift shop where people can shop for memorable and unique gift items that all share the same theme of muscle car.

There are other museums that display muscle car in the USA as well as other country as Australia. The popularity of muscle car does not know any limit, and that is the reason why people can find muscle car museum all around the world that allow people from any generation to enjoy the beauty of it.

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